Check out these 5 ideas on how classical Light Switches can change your home.

Check out these 5 ideas on how classical Light Switches can change your home.

Interior design, as a profession, has been around since the mid-20th century and has shown a variety of styles over the years. We have chosen to show you 5 classic styles which will go perfectly with your recent Light Switches purchase. But first what is interior design?

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the space inside a building to achieve a better, more pleasing environment for the people using it. Previously known as interior decoration, the industry boomed in the 1950s and ’60s. It was then that the word design, as opposed to decoration, arose and as it implies more of a science than the word decorates, it became more widely used. Interior design refers to the planning, functional design and effective use of space inside a building.

The following interiors are judged as classics in interior design. They each have their features and histories. And can be incorporated in your home design style. Let these classics serve as your inspiration.

1) Classic Design

This style has its roots in Europe, where artists of the time were inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, and brings architectural features as its main focus. It owes its origin to the 17th – 19th centuries where classicism manifested itself across all types of art. Even today it remains a popular style of interior design. It originated in France and quickly spread over Europe, where it dominated the style for over two centuries. Classicism in interior design often refers to the presence of columns, half-columns and arches. Other common features are discrete cornices. Doors and windows with clear outlines and marble fireplaces. Corners of spacious rooms are decorated with statues, just as in ancient times. Often, ornamentation depicts oak or laurel leaves. Try our classic white with black toggle range to seamlessly fit your classic inspired style. It will bring a simple yet modern touch to your wall and illuminate that classic architectural feel you love so much.

2) Rococo

Derived from the French word ‘rocaille’ this style is opulent with its colour palette of golds, pastels and ivory. This period came about as a reaction to King Louis XIV’s style. It spread into Europe, notably Germany, Austria and all across France. It is defined by elaborate carvings and owes much of its inspiration to its roots in Baroque style. They also share a similar look to French style in that they are light and airy. Lines are curved and soft. Another feature is asymmetrical decoration. To add this opulent style to your home try our Bastille Gold Toggle light switches and dimmer. Not only will it fit your colour palette but it will bring a touch of class to an already stunning room.

3) Mid-century Modern

This style is showcased in the tv series ‘Mad Men’. It came about in the 1940s–70s. It is where huge windows provide a seamless transition between outside and inside. It has large open floor plans. Where there are walls, they are often decorated with colourful geometric wallpaper. Floors and ceiling beams are stripped to their original form. Furnishings are unique, for example, the egg chair, and often asymmetrical featuring amorphous components. Houdini black smart touch light switch may not be the obvious choice but with its simple streamlined design, it can give a touch class to your mid-century modern room.

4) Scandinavian

It can be defined by its simplicity and use of clean lines and earthy materials. Walls are either grey and blue textiles used to bring a splash of colour into the home. This style originated in the North of Europe (Denmark, Norway and Sweden). It was in the past considered as an anti-Nazi era design. It is also famous for its simplicity. With democratic changes in the Scandinavian countries, this style was developed on three principles: beauty, simplicity and functionality. Tex white with brass toggle light switches can add that European feel to your home. These light switches are ideal in that they embody the three principles of Scandinavian design. Add them to your wall for some easy-going yet elegant style.

5) Vintage

Refers to style from the 1940-50s and comes with a nostalgic comfortable ambience. It includes eclectic flea market finds displayed on open shelving, This style creates stories or interiors with a soul. It is becoming increasingly popular as more ‘vintage looking’ items are sold day by day. Accessories which bring this style to life are gilded mirrors, brass and frosted glass lamps. Our luna grey with brass toggle light switches have the old meets new vintage style you want for your home. Their style and eclectic personality will create a perfect combination. Consider these for your home.

No matter what your style or style inspiration, old or new, loud or soft, simple or complex, Light Switches has the lighting solution for you. Most interior designers suggest mixing styles to suit your interior design; we say to play with these design styles in your home. There is no doubt that these styles will complement your classic light switches. For interior design ideas and classic products to match your style visit Light switches SA.

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