Different period lighting styles from different eras.

Different period lighting styles from different eras.

Every house is unique in its own style. It may look the same on the outside, but has a whole different style on the inside. These style attributes come in the form of paint scheme, furniture type and appliances to mention just a few. Let’s take a look at one of the important factors that brings your home alive: lighting. We at Light Switches, would like to share the different types of Period Lighting Styles that will make the style of your home stand out.

Victorian Lighting Style

Although there was no electricity in the Victorian era, people used to use oil lamps as a source of light during the night. The Victorian style lights design comes from the oil lamps that were once used in that time. These lighting styles have a brass and metal finish which is unique to that period.

This lighting style would surely compliment a home that has a design of that era. It will go well in rooms that are themed along that period.  

Edwardian Lighting Style

Edwardian lighting, which came after the Victorian lighting era had a much more fresher take.

It boasted European design with fine art. Edwardian lighting is said to have a more romantic and stylish look to it compared to the Victorian light style.

Just like Victorian lighting style, it incorporates a brass finish unique to that era. This look can give that type of style your home is looking for.

Georgian Lighting Style

If there is a lighting style to really accentuate the style of your home, then it has to be the Georgian lighting style.

Well known for its glamorous crystal chandeliers hanging down low from the ceiling or mounted on a table top, it is sure to liven up the room.

Grand lighting is one way in which you would put it and a grand adoration it will receive. Georgian lighting is a bold interior design choice for the utmost prestige.

The choice is yours

Period Lighting Styles are a good starting point to give your home some style. These are just a few options you can look into and you can explore other options that will suit your taste. If you are looking to brighten up your home with our variety of Period Home Lighting, be sure to browse through our product page or you can visit our store.




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