certified for deliveries

Get your new light switches because we’re now delivering!

The year so far has not proven to be what many of us expected. With a global pandemic and inevitable lockdown procedures being implemented, it has put a lot on the back burner. Unfortunately, one of those might be your long-awaited home renovations. You may not have started yet, or you may be stuck halfway through – whatever the case may be, COVID-19 has certainly thrown a spanner in the works. 

But why should it continue to be that way? With the easing of the South African lockdown to level 4, it means you don’t have to be stuck anymore. With a lot more businesses opening up in level 4, especially for delivery, you can get creative again and get started on those home renovation projects. 

The great news is: Light Switches has also been certified to deliver even during the lockdown! So you can still add those elegant touches to your home with light switches from our wide and beautiful range. Choose from our range of toggle switches or our modern touch & remote light switches. Whatever you choose, we’re certified to deliver them to you.