Houdini light switches on sale

Houdini Light switch – the smart light switch for your smart home

Wireless lighting technology is enabling people to control their lighting systems. Our Houdini Light Switches are remote controlled and can be part of your home or office automation hub. Here’s why you will benefit from installing our uniquely designed light switches:

Easy Installation

With traditional lighting, you’ll need complex wiring especially if you’re installing lights in the whole house or office. Because Houdini Light Switches use WI-FI, there’s no need for complex wiring. The existing wiring isn’t changed either during installation. Also, a professional electrician is not required when installing which is less time consuming and is affordable.

User friendly 

Houdini Light Switches use a remote that goes up to 30 meters working distance and features an easy night-find on/off laminator. This is useful for anyone with mobility challenges because they don’t have to get up to switch on and off the lights. Even If you’re not in the house or office, the lights can be programmed in such a way that they are on and off on their own.


Since Houdini Remote Light Switches rely on wireless technology, they can connect directly to your smartphone. This makes it easy to control your lights via an app.

 Reduces energy bill

Traditional lighting needs someone to switch it on or off to save energy, but with Houdini Light Switches, this isn’t necessary because they can be linked to your home or office automation hub. It’ll automatically control your lights, including turning them on or off when there’s no one. You can adjust their brightness thus reducing your energy use.

Home decor

Apart from the advantage of controlling your lights, our special Houdini Dimmer Light Switches are a good addition to home interior. The design adds an elegant appearance to your home.

Individual preferences

All our Light Switches can be programmed to suit one’s preference in terms of the mood of the day. You can adjust the lighting hue to match what the occasion of the day is.

Easy to maintain

The light switches are easy to maintain because you can use the same wireless controls with new lights thus saving you time and energy costs.

The Wireless technology in our Houdini Light Switches is a great benefit to your home in terms of functionality; accessibility, energy consumption; installation; convenience; maintenance; installation, and improving home decor. All our Houdini light switches are 20% off and they are available now on our online store. You don’t want to miss out on this deal.