Light Switches brings you Smart Touch Switches with Remote controllability.

The Era of ‘Smart’ is an ever-growing space for innovation and user-experience. We have Smartphones with all the apps we need, Smart TVs and now we even have Smart Switches. These innovations don’t just connect us to everything around us but they look so much more streamlined and elegant. We want our living spaces to look less cluttered and bulky by having more minimalist appliances and clean finishes.

Smart Switches and Smart Innovations has a range of elegant Smart Switches to make your living space look more streamlined where toggle switches can stand-out and draw the eye away from the rest of the room. These switches will also not be found in regular retailers as they are sourced from elsewhere, making sure your home has a unique touch of class.

Smart Switches are a welcome product to the market as people want more control over all the aspects of their home from one space without the need to move elsewhere. This is especially good where security is concerned. If there is an issue elsewhere in the home it’s safer to be able to control lights in another area when needed, without being away from your safe space. This is also very helpful when turning lights on and off in other rooms when you are alone. This functionality is also important when you need to turn off other lights you might forget about to save electricity.

When using an app-connected light switch it makes functionality even better because not only will you be able to control your lights from anywhere in your home, but also if you are away from home. You will be able to make sure if there are any lights in your home that should not be on and have the ability to turn them off when you are not there.

Light Switches also has Remote Controlled Smart Light Switches to add to your spaces. It connects to all compatible switches and even has the ability to connect to a key-ring. This is especially useful when connected to lights in front of the home for those nights one gets home late or when you want to turn on security lights outside when you’re in the safety of your own home. The key-ring attachment also makes sure that you don’t lose a remote which is quite common, even with TV remotes. The remote control also makes sure there are no dirty fingerprint marks on your glossy Switches

Light Switches Smart Touch switches boasts a clean design with a glass face and chrome trim edge to make sure your switches are protected and easy to clean. They also suit any environment where you want minimal wall accessories. You always want your wall switch to match the wall it’s mounted on. There are 1 and 2 lever switches, both with blue/red lights to indicate on/off modes. Smart Touch Switches are not compatible with remote controls. Get your Smart Touch Switches and Remote Control at our online store here.

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