Often forgotten about, yet so impactful! Let’s talk about lightswitches.

Often forgotten about, yet so impactful! Let’s talk about lightswitches.

As interior designers, there are many elements to a project that we must consider, starting with taking into account the primary function of a space and interpreting the client’s vision, to space planning and conceptualizing custom design elements.

Lighting is an important feature in any home.

In my opinion, what adds the soul to any interior is color, texture and most importantly, the lighting. These three essential items enhance each other in creating an atmosphere with personality and depth.

Light Fittings alone can add all three of these elements to an interior – beyond just being a vehicle for the lighting. Today, there are so many alternatives to choose from – from highly affordable to completely exclusive options – with many innovative textures and vibrant colors to be found.

Pay attention to detail.

Paying attention to detail in selecting the smaller fixed elements can finish a well thought out interior, beautifully. Items that I find are often overlooked, or underplayed, are light switches and plug sockets themselves. Imagine a stylish black kitchen with white plug sockets and switches or an extravagant vintage interior with modern styled electrical fittings. Compatible and unique options are always available. One just needs to take the time to source them out – and to know where to look.

So, when you are planning your next interior make-over, don’t forget to create a Pinterest board, for the smaller elements and details too!

Tips when buying lighting and electrical fittings.

  1. Don’t waste budget on designer plug sockets behind appliances, you will never see them.
  2. When buying fittings for your bathroom or exterior, make sure they will not rust.
  3. If you want to include dimmable lighting in your interior, always speak to a lighting expert first. The LED lighting can be problematic when only a few bulbs are in the circuit, as they don’t dim adequately. Also, dimmer switches give off heat and need to be installed properly and with consideration, especially when there is more than one in the same switch plate housing.
  4. Think about how the light itself will fall, and if it will provide the function you require.

Written by Megan Grauso of Indigo Fusion.

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