Why you should use LIGHT SWITCHES products for your next renovation job.

Why you should use LIGHT SWITCHES products for your next renovation job.

When you plan a new renovation project it’s easy to miss small details and finishes that make a room pop. It can be as small as a light switch fitting or plug placement and style.

You might be turning your house digital and want smart switches attached to your revised grid. If it’s an older building, wiring might be outdated and dangerous so when installing any of our products, we do recommend using a certified electrician. When done correctly the first time you are being safe and cutting maintenance costs. There are many reasons why LIGHT SWITCHES and Smart Innovations products are well suited to renovations.

1. Different styles and colours.

Gone are the days of the boring white light switch that stands out like a sore thumb against a beautifully painted or papered wall. With all the different colours we provide, your new switches will be easier to blend in to the rest of the wall and look more elegant with our minimalist designs. Back-plates of different colours and brass toggle switches make our products the ideal accessory to your room. We also stock smart switches which suit any digital home well too.

2. Installation of our products.

When you’re done choosing your switches and plugs there are always a few things to consider. When it’s an older building, wiring might be faulty and so it is the job of the electrician to fix this safely. The same goes for backstabbed wiring, which is loose wiring behind and inside the switch box. It is safest for the electrician to sort these and attach them back to the connection points in the box so they don’t come into contact with each other. This issue can cause arcing and be dangerous. Also, new plugs and sockets do not have those issues and they don’t have worn connection points.

3. Compatibility of our products

A frequent request for switches is whether they are 2-way compatible, which means 2 switches for one room or light. All of our light switches are 1-and 2-way compatible for those bigger rooms or staircase lights.  Another issue could be wall box sizes. Although we supply wall boxes with every switch, our switches are designed uniquely and exclusively. They do not always fit onto standard South African wall boxes. We suggest checking individual products for specifications regarding size.

4. Delivery and Return policy

Delivery can take up to 6 weeks. In the event of urgent cases where you need to make provision within a current building project, we can make provisions. We send free wall boxes which you can install while you await the arrival of the new product.

We have a fair returns policy: If an item was incorrectly sent, it is the clients’ responsibility to send back the incorrect goods in the original packaging within 5 days. The client will be refunded the courier costs and the correct goods will be sent back. Please read the rest of our returns policy here.

Our wide range of elegant light switches, plugs and sockets are very well suited for your new renovation project. We have a wide range of products for you to choose from at our online store. Find our Full product range here for your convenience. If you have any more questions, feel free to Contact Us.

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